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My Projects



My latest project. I was extremely fortunate and discovered a fox den which I monitored throughout the spring. Using camouflage I experienced some extremely intimate and close encounters. I have managed to capture lots of different behaviours; suckling, fighting, sleeping.


I'm continuing to follow the foxes as they're growing up. 


Brown Hares

Hares are a big passion of mine but unfortunately they are rare in Surrey. I have been on a few trips now and my portfolio is growing.

I am captivated by hares, they are beautiful animals and have so many behaviours. I am yet to capture that famous boxing, maybe one day.


Barn Owls

One of the first subjects that really opened my eyes to what the UK could offer was Barn Owls.


My first sighting was on a warm summers evening, sitting on the edge of the meadow by the river. It was magical and to this day, I still remember the feeling when it flew towards me. 


They are a tough species, only coming out at dawn and dusk. It's definitely a project with a lot more failure than success but that just makes the good days, even better. Sometimes it all comes together, and these are the results from that.  


Sea Birds

This project is focused on photographing sea birds. They are extraordinary birds which survive some of the toughest conditions.


I have been lucky enough to visit the magical island of Skomer which is home to the beautiful Puffin, along with a host of other incredible sea birds. This is where the majority of the photos are from, but as I get to visit more places around the world, I will add to this gallery. 

_S1A1713 2.jpg

Great Crested Grebe

Early on in 2021 I started to focus on Great Crested Grebes. This was one of my first big projects. Trying to capture unique behaviour and their moments throughout their incredibly beautiful spring life. 

I think I have achieved my goal and I am extremely happy with the results. The project isn't over though, I will be re-visiting next year to continue following these incredible birds.

This project has helped push my photography further. learning to shoot in tough, changing conditions and a larger focus on exposure compensation. 


Little Owls

I began this project when a friend told me there was a family of Little Owls at her farm. They are such charismatic birds and I have thoroughly enjoyed photographing this pair and the young they have had each year. 

Photographing the Little Owls is becoming increasingly difficult as they are more wary of my presence. I hope to capture more in the next few years. 



Badgers have always been very high on my list of wildlife to photograph, I had one opportunity in 2019 but my first real year of great results was in 2022. I found a badger set close to home and spent almost every evening I could at the set. These are the results. 


Wading Birds

Coming Soon

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