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My Trip to Mullion, Cornwall

This was a very last minute trip, I had only planned to join my girlfriend in Wales but as all my holidays had fallen through, I thought why not! I had very few plans of photography but decided to bring all my gear just in case (definitely glad I did). I hope you enjoy my first attempt at a blog.

Day 1

I decided to check out The Lizard Peninsula which was recommended to me for having a huge variety of species. We headed down fairly late in the evening, leaving just enough time to walk along the cliffs. We were joined by some sea gulls, gliding low over our heads but no signs of anything else. We decided to sit and watch the beautiful view. The suns warm glow slowly disappearing below the horizon. Exactly what I needed after such a long few months of work. What I would do to be back there now.

Day 2

With the weather being so good, I talked myself into waking up at 4am to get onto the cliffs at Mullion cove. I was in search of the Peregrine Falcon family that I had been told about. Even though it can feel pretty brutal getting up so early, walking up the cliffs with the sun creeping over the horizon is an amazing way to start the day. As soon as I crested the hill I saw one of the falcons taking off away from me...damn. I followed in the general direction and saw it further away, but again it had gone before I got close. I decided to sit and wait on the grass looking over the sea hoping they would return. I was rewarded with this shot.

After having an amazing show from the Peregrines I decided to continue my successful morning and continue along the cliffs. The light was gorgeous, I had to make the most of it.

Back home one bird I had seen a lot of was Stonechats but they are always so camera shy. So I was amazed at the confidence of the stonechats I saw on my walk.

I also got to see a kestrel and some goldfinches.

Day 3

I decided once again to wake up at 4am and walk along the trail again. I had a plan this time, I had spotted some rocks that they seemed to be fond of and would lay down in wait of them. As I drew near the location I could see one already sitting in the exact spot I was hoping for...I had arrived too late.

Even though I wasn't in the right place, I really love this shot as it is shows the falcon in it's habitat. Naturally as I got closer it flew off down the coast. I took this chance to lay down and wait for it to come back again.

While observing them I figured out they were a family of four, two adults and two young. They really put on a show that morning, zooming over my head like bullets and landing on the cliffs. Their screeching filled the air. After waiting for around an hour, one of the adults landed on the rock just below the one I was aimed at. I edged forwards but it saw me and bolted. A few minutes later I heard a very loud screech like one was right next to me. While I was distracted one had landed on the cliff just below me. This time luck was on my side, it was looking away so didn't see me pop my head (and camera) over. This was the result.

I wasn't quite ready for it to take off so I couldn't get the whole bird in the shot.

After a while I decided to walk the same route as the previous day. I saw the Peregrine on another rock, I crawled my way closer. This shot always reminds me of a penguin.

Day 5

I didn't get any photography in for a few days, especially as the weather turned for the worse. I went up to the cliffs again but it was very misty and rainy.

We were staying with my girlfriend's family and they had a bird feeder on the balcony. There were a few intermittent sunny spells and light rain which I thought could make for some interesting shots.

I had a great time in Cornwall, really focusing on photography and experiencing some new species. Thank you to everyone who made it through to the end, I will be releasing another blog about my trip to Pembrokeshire next week.

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